Martin Borten...

... was born in Farsund, Norway on the 07.01.1983. In the year of 1999 he started his education in Trondheim, working for „Art in Dent“ owned by Björn Borten, where he was able to achieve his academic foundation knowledge in the dental business.


In the year of 2005 he received his certification as a dental technician.


In 2003 he started to work for „Nobel Bio Care“ as a reader / lecturer and was far ahead in the development of ceramic works at that time. Subsequently he was offered additional education in Bio-Functional-Morphology and Future-Development at Ernst A. Hegenbarth’s company, which is one of europes most skilled technician in the dental business. Besides of that he worked as an international reader / lecturer für „Zenline“.


Before Martin Borten started his own laboratory in the year of 2011, he was able to accumulate great experiences for several laboratories in Germany. Since that time he is working with a number of the most recognized dental clinics all over Germany.


Martin Borten has now returned to Norway and is running his own laboratory in Flekkefjord.

Dentaltechnician Martin Borten AS

Fjellgaten 13

4400 Flekkefjord




Tlf. +47 920 800 59

E-mail: info@bortenlab.com